“It’s not about me…” Fiona explains, “My music is all for the listener and I love to see people ‘foot tapping’ to my tunes.”

A fan of such diverse artists as Tracey Chapman, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, Adele and Ben Howard, Fiona’s soft melodicism of her her folk-rock songs are set to resonate with all who hear them.

“I write music for people to sit back and listen and transport themselves to another place. My lyrics have meaning and tell stories of life the way I see it.”

“My debut album is about me diving in, taking the next steps and getting my music, my passion, out there for people to hear. We all should follow our dreams at some point in our lives, and this is me doing exactly that.”

At the heart of it all is Fiona’s incredible voice. Melodic and soulful, and it’s undeniably unique. “I have always been a little different” she laughs.

Fiona’s family are her biggest support. “My Mum is at every gig” she explains cheerfully. “She has recently got into facebook and messages all her friends to tell them about each gig I do.”

Fiona grew up in Alston, Cumbria, attending UCC in Penrith where she met others who loved music and could “play some pretty nice sounds”. Jan Cardy (Fiona’s bass player) and John Lambeth (Fiona’s Drummer) struck up a bond and started to put together sets that they could play in local venues. After school, Fiona, jan and John spent time busking on English Street in Carlisle. “I loved the reactions people would give us and I knew then that this is what makes me really happy.”

Despite being quick off the mark on YouTube and MySpace – Fiona wasn’t noticed until she was invited to play at the Queens Jubilee party in Carlisle. “I didn’t want to be known as a ‘YouTube’ singer” she says. “I knew a few thousand views wouldn’t ever get my music out to the world…”

When TKKI Records met with Fiona after the Jubilee gig, Fiona was feeling nervous. “I had always imagined what it would be like to actually be signed but when it came to it, I just held onto Jan’s hand as tight as I could hoping it wasn’t just a dream. I called my Mum right after the meeting and we just screamed with delight down the phone.”

Despite interest from other independent labels, TKKI Records proved the perfect match for her talent and put out Fiona’s debut album within six months of signing. The Single ‘Fearless’ soon followed.

“Looking back on the making of ‘As I Dive In’ I realised how much outside of my comfort zone I had gone. Making an album is so different from singing on the streets – You have to make everything perfect because you know people will be spending their hard earned cash and time listening. It was important for me to put in 110% to make it just right. I just want people to really enjoy it and get their foots tapping.”

Fiona’s journey continues as she dives in to a tour planned for the summer of 2013. If you like music, you will love Fiona. Enjoy.